Homeless and Orphans Outreach, Inc        

  • is a 501c3 registered non-profit Christian organization.
  • has been in operation for more than 23 years
  • is located in a house borrowed from Memorial United Methodist CHurch in Lake Placid, Florida
  • is an all volunteer Christian organization
  • There are no paid staff in the United States
  • While many people involved are members of the Methodist Church, we welcome any Christian Church
  • we are proud that almost all funds received are spent to directly benefit the children in the Dominican Republic.  We can do that because we have absolutely no paid staff in the US.  We are an all volunteer organization focused on helping children.
  • We have a 10 member Executive Board that meets regularly and a larger 60 member Membership Board that meets twice a year. 

    Day to day operation is the responsiblity of the Chairman Troy White and the all volunteer staff.
    Homeless and Orphans Outreach, Inc sends money and material donations to the sister organization Hogar de Niños in the Dominican Republic. Hogar de Niños is an independent organization based in and operating under the laws of the Dominican Republic. All paid staff, program decision and leadership are the responsiblity of the Dominican people. For 45 years Hogar de Niños was under the leadership of Reverend Eduvigas A Diaz Nuñez. That leadership has now passed to his grandchildren.
    Agape Children's Home is the newest endeavor. This program is chartered under Russian law as a charitable organization. The executive board of Agape Children's Home is comprised of Russian citizens but unlike Hogar de Ni&ntildeos, the chairmanship remains with the chair of Homeless and Orphan's Outreach, Inc. Only funds specifically designated by the giver are used for this new effort.