Agape Children's Home

The Russian Government has now GIVEN us 2-1/2 acres on which to build a new home! 
Some said it would never happen, but it did.  Along with title to the land comes the right to build without restriction and the possibility of an additional 17-1/2 acres in the future.  "We think they saw the efforts with the program for alcholic teens and after school care for children and realized that we were serious" said the Chairman.
Agape Children's Home is a vision to build a new home for children near the city of Saint Petersburg in Russia
    This effort is supported only by specifically designated funds
      Over the last 5 years we have
                formed a legal corporation within Russia - Done
                secured business visas allowing travel - Done
                established a volunteer organization with people in Russia - Done
                asked the Russian government for the land to build the new home on - GRANTED
                repaired an old house and fitted with heat (this is nice when its 40 below outside) -Done
                began a program to help alcholic teens find Christ. - Done
                began an after school care program for children. - Done
                fenced the 2-1/2 acres in - Done
                began construction of the new children's home -
expected to be completed fall 2013

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