Elizabeth Diaz Ramirez

Elizabeth Diaz is the middle of three children of Rev. and Mrs. Diaz. She had several goals in life that she was after. Elizabeth is a very intelligent person and knew she could obtain most any goal she set for her life. Her brother, Estaban Diaz, had decided to work at his fathers side with the Orphan children. In 1979, Hurricane David came through the Dominican Republic doing such damage that there is still some signs of that Hurricane damage today. Due to a shortage of wood, there was a law that you could not get wood without a permit. Rev. Diaz had such a permit. One day, Rev. Diaz and Estaban were getting wood. A policeman saw them and told them to stop unless they had a permit. Rev. Diaz told him that they had one, but he had to go up the hill to get it. Estaban stayed and started to gather more wood. The policeman told him to stop doing it. Estaban explained he would not take one piece away until his father got back, but if he did not continue to pile it up, they would not be able to feed the children. As he reached for more wood, the policeman shot and killed him. ( A little side note, the school at La Suiza is named in memory of Estaban, and the new school we just finished is on the spot were Estaban was shot and killed).

At the funeral, The minister said, "Who will step up and take the place of Estaban to help the Rev. Diaz. Elizabeth stood up and said , "I WILL." Since that time, Elizabeth has been at her fathers side in the work. She has been the finance person for the program since that time. She has a Bachelors Degree, a Masters Degree, and is finishing a PhD in Education. ( Doing work for our program has caused her to take longer to get her degree. She has finished all the course work now.)

About 4 years ago, Elizabeth became our Assistant Director of the program, taking over many of Rev. Diaz's duties. In December of 2006, Elizabeth was made the full Director of Hogar de Ni&ntildeos Huerfanos, Inc. Homeless and Orphan Outreach, Inc. of Lake Placid , Florida made it known to the Dominican government she is the only recognized Director of Hogar de Ni&ntildeos we recognize. She has it in her blood, has been involved with our vision and her dad's vision for almost 30 years. She has been doing a great job in very adverse times and we PRAISE GOD FOR GIVING HER THE ABILITY TO CONTINUE THE PROGRAM, EVEN MAKING IT A BETTER PROGRAM DUE TO HER TRAINING. Rev. Diaz has done a great job over the years, but at age 79, he has earned the right to step aside even if he had not had any problems lately.

HOOI looks forward to a good future working at the side of Elizabeth Diaz as the Director of the childrens' homes in the Dominican Republic.